Dear prospective Sarajevo Model UN participants,

On behalf of the Organizing Team, I would like to warmly welcome you our website and invite you to apply to be part of this year’s convening of Sarajevo Model UN, which is to be held from September 21-24, 2017. This Conference offers a truly unique experience for participants with a passion for international affairs, international law, lobbying and in general, global problem solving at which young individuals role-play delegates to some of the most important multilateral organizations.

The time of bipolar divisions in international relations is behind us, although protracted threats of mass armed conflicts, terrorist acts or transnational criminal activities are still profoundly jeopardizing the global peace, prosperity and wellbeing of our world. While we no longer live in the bipolar international system, our world is, nonetheless, driven by two incongruent currents: the force of inclusion and the force of exclusion. Inclusive political systems are typically the ones that promote the values of dialogue, peace and unity in diversity in order to build new customs of solidarity based on the respect of human rights, global citizenship, trust and mutual tolerance. The latter force, on the other hand, could be best described as a retrograde political movement of deconstructing previously forged unity and cooperation between peoples and states for the benefit and in interest of an exclusive community or group of individuals. Therefore, this year we have decided to hold this year’s session under a common theme: “Future together – Fostering international cooperation to secure a more prosperous tomorrow.” We believe that only by promoting international cooperation and dialogue can we bridge the differences and offer viable solutions for our divided societies.

The Organizing Board along with the support from the Secretariat is looking to help our participants channel their passion and further their understanding of multilateral organizations, not only through simulating multilateral diplomacy and formal debate of the UN, but also by hosting a series of academic lectures with experts and decision-makers. As a result, Sarajevo Model UN will educate and inspire the next generation of diplomats, global citizens and activists for change.

For this year’s convening you can apply for the following committees:

  • UN Security Council
  • UN Women
  • European Council
  • North Atlantic Council (NATO)
  • Journalist Team

We are looking for individuals to attend a 4-day conference (September 21-24) that is organized in partnership and with support of the United Nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Directorate for European Integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a city where east meets west – the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo. This conference will allow participants to immerse in the world of multilateral diplomacy, forge new friendships, experience the rich history of ‘Europe’s Jerusalem’ and most importantly, further develop their interpersonal skills through an interdisciplinary educative approach.

Furthermore, our participants will debate and reflect on two topics per council and the topics will represent a broad range of academic disciplines: from international finance to international relations and international law. As an inclusive and educational conference we put skills and academic development at the forefront, where merits and hard work will be rewarded accordingly.

Without further ado, I would like to kindly invite prospective participants to apply for Sarajevo Model UN ‘17 and help us in building a foundation for future generations and enhance international cooperation for a better future together by applying on the following LINK by July 5 for the Early Bird Admissions period and from July 17 to August 13 for the Regular Admissions period.

UPDATE: As of August 25, there are still available positions in the following councils:
UN Women, European Council and North Atlantic Council (NATO). To apply click on this LINK.


Mak Selimović
Sarajevo Model UN

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