The Sarajevo student-run Model United Nations (MUN) group had their first mock-conference on Tuesday at Hotel Hills. It was a great success as participants were especially excited to practice and perfect their MUN skills. The Mock-MUN Session was held on August 30 and in preparation for the official and first-ever Sarajevo Model UN, happening from the 30th September to 2nd October.
The Mock Session started with the Secretary-General, Mak Selimović, introducing the details of the upcoming conference and announced that H.E. Stjepan Mesić, former President of the Republic of Croatia, Mark A. Farha a distinguished professor of International Affairs from Doha Institute (former Georgetown University visiting professor, Government Department) and Emir Kremić, Director of the Statistics Agency of the FBiH, will be speaking at the conference.
Chairing this simulation were Arijan Pranjić and his vice-chair Benjamin Tinjić, both studying Political Sciences & International Relations at the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Both are well qualified with many MUNs behind them.
The Mock Session was divided into two parts, half informative of the rules and procedure and the other half practicing the debate. In the first half, delegates commented that the chairs took the time to explain all the rules and procedures in a MUN, providing emphasis where the rules seemed to be ambiguous. The debate on the topic of North Korean nuclear testings in the Sea of Japan allowed the delegates to practice what they learned.
The debate started slowly, but as soon as the discussion started, delegates felt more comfortable voicing the opinions of their countries. Tension rose when the People’s Republic of China got in a heated debate with the United States of America over the proposed use of economic sanctions and deployment of US naval ships into the Sea of Japan to enforce stability in the Far East region.
After the draft Resolution was introduced, the delegates started realizing how debate can be used to work together with other delegates to draft a resolution. The delegates gathered during the unmoderated caucus to create a document that reflected the debate. The debate ended with an almost unanimous vote for the draft-resolution, except the Peoples Republic of China who voted no with rights, stating “We only voted no so show you all that we have veto power!”
Overall, the Mock Session was very well organized, making sure that all delegates were clear in what is to be of expected of them without overwhelming them. This Mock Session left delegates excited for the conference, yearning for more.
If you did not get a chance to attend the Mock Session, a recap will be posted soon. To find more information about the conference, please go to or find us on Facebook @Sarajevo Model UN. Make sure to like and share our page as we continue to post updates on the conference.

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This Sarajevo Model UN Mock Session was supported by: the United Nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hotel Hills, HIFA Group, Municipality Centar Sarajevo, Oaza, AS Group, IBL, Dnevni Avaz,, N1 TV, Oslobođenje, FENA, Mreža za izgradnju mira.

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