Sarajevo Model UN had a chance to go to a diplomatic mission to strengthen ties with our partner MOSTIMUN.

Four of our representatives took part of the MOSTIMUN and did theirs tasks with pride and excellence: Meliha Muherina (in the capacity of Deputy Secretary General), Mak Selimović (Chair of the Futuristic Security Council) and two little pioneers – Fatima Pobrklić (delegate of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the Council of Arab League) and Din Kajmakovic (delegate of The United Arab Emirates)

Debates? Oh, they were fruitful and juicy from day one! Fatima and Din were bravely defending colors of their countries, especially during the topic of Religious Minorities. However, after long excessive negotiations – Arab peace was born! The document, a multi-faceted communiqué made in Cairo, on the 4th of Shaban, 1438, was put forward by representatives who believe in the true religion.

“Aqua – drama” – yes, it is a new term. And what does it stand for? Short answer is: Water Security in the Middle East. In a stunning turn of events, the main guilt was on Egypt, because they did not want to share their scarce water resources of the Nile. What selfishness and greed! At the end, a huge milestone happened- Arab countries made a deal to attack Europe and loot European water resources. Believers and non-believers were working together on important issues and solved one of the biggest problems. What a story! It looks like Arab League is having a prosperous present.

Our charming Din Kajmakovic even got an Honorable Mention for his simon-pure devotion.

However, we cannot fail to mention the social life that our crew had. After a long day success of delegates was rewarded with new friendships, and something many more. (wink, wink).

That is why Sarajevo Model UN thanks our friends for inviting us, and hosting us, and for giving us an amazing five days. We look forward for a future cooperation, which is undoubted.

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