What is Sarajevo Model UN?

It is an annual Model United Nations conference that takes place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Read more HERE.

Is there a dress code?

The dress code for Sarajevo Model UN 2017 is business attire, including the workshops and the ceremonies. Western business attire (smart casual and/or business) is required. National clothing of a country you are representing is highly encouraged. Wearing casual clothes is prohibited!

Where and when is Sarajevo Model UN held?

The second session of Sarajevo Model UN will be held at Hotel Holiday, Zmaja od Bosne 4, 71000 Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina from September 21-24, 2017.

Who is eligible for this conference?

This conference is tailored for both high school and university (BA, MA, PhD) students. Traditionally, our participants are of age 17-25.

What do I need to bring to the conference?

The badges/placards that are essential and will be handed out. Also, you may want to check the weather forecast beforehand since the weather changes frequently.

Is this conference open to international participants?

Yes. Sarajevo Model UN conference is open to both foreign and domestic participants.

What type of participation fee categories are offered?

There are two categories and two time period for admissions. Two categories are catered to your needs: if you are an international applicant, there is an admission category that includes accommodation at the venue location and if you are a local participant and you wish not to stay at the hotel, you can opt for the Local Participant category.

The Early Bird admission period offers lower participation fee than the Regular admission period. For further information please visit this LINK.

Who organizes Sarajevo Model UN?

Sarajevo Model UN is an initiative that brings together a wide spectrum of dedicated individuals. This year Sarajevo Model UN’s implementing partner is the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) Sarajevo.

Will there be a vegetarian meal option?

Yes, there will be a vegetarian meal option, although you have to inform us either by e-mail ( or state so in your application form.

I need an Invitation Letter in order to file a request for reimbursement from my university/institution, can you produce one for me?

Yes, please send an email to requesting an Invitation Letter.


What is the official language of the conference?

The official language of Sarajevo Model UN is English.

Do I need previous experience to participate?

No. You do not need previous experience to be a delegate, but country allocations are based on experience.

How many delegates will represent a country in each committee?

Only ONE delegate will be representing his/her allocated country in a council.

Can I represent my own country?

No. The concept of an MUN conference is to immerse in academic research. Representing countries other than your own significantly contributes to better understanding of the global socio-political framework.

Can a delegation attend to Sarajevo Model UN without an advisor?

Yes, a delegation may attend the conference without an advisor, unless members of the delegation are underage (under 18 years old). In that case an adult supervisor/advisor/chaperon is required.

How can I get prepared for the conference?

Delegates may get prepared by examining the study guides and rules of procedure written by the Sarajevo Model UN ’17 Secretariat. These documents will be sent to you by your respective chairs in due time.

Is it necessary to attend all the sessions?

Delegates may not miss more than 2 sessions in order to get the certificate of participation.

Will there be lectures and roundtable sessions with experts?

Yes. Sarajevo Model UN is a place of vertical exchange of information between accomplished experts and decision makers and prospective young individuals. This year we are planning of hosting a series of lectures and roundtable sessions with various experts to deliver talks and discussions on topics that will be debated at Sarajevo Model UN. Announcements will be made in Round Tables section.