Sarajevo Model UN Logistics Department have prepared for you a set of useful information. On this page you can find out options of getting to Sarajevo from abroad and finding your way from other cities in BiH and navigating through Sarajevo.


International Travel Options

Airline Travel Options:

Sarajevo International Airport

Antalya – Borajet
Antalya – Turkish Airlines
Belgrade – Air Serbia
Brussels – Tuifly
Budapest – Wizzair
Cologne – Eurowings
Copenhagen – Norwegian
Dubai – Flydubai
Doha – Qatar Airways
Istanbul – Atlas Global
Istanbul – Pegasus
Istanbul – Turkish Airlines
Ljubljana – Adria Airways
Munich – Lufthansa Air.
Oslo – Norwegian
Riyadh – Nesma Airlines
Kuwait – Wataniya Airways
Sharjah – Air Arabia
Stockholm – Norwegian
Stuttgart – Eurowings
Vienna – Austrian Airlines
Zagreb – Croatia Airlines
Zurich – Swiss Airlines

Tuzla International Airport

Basel – Wizzair
Berlin – Wizzair
Billund – Wizzair
Bratislava – Wizzair
Dortmund – Wizzair
Eindhoven – Wizzair
Frankfurt – Wizzair
Friedrichshafen – Wizzair
Gothenborg – Wizzair
Köln – Wizzair
London Luton – Wizzair
Malmo – Wizzair
Memmingen – Wizzair
Nuremberg – Wizzair
Stockholm – Wizzair
Växjö – Wizzair

Mostar International Airport

Bari – Mistaral Air
Beirut – Croatia Airlines
Bergamo – Albastar
Lamezia Ter. – Albastar
Naples – Mistaral Air
Rome – Mistaral Air
Zagreb – Croatia Airlines

Banja Luka International Airport

Belgrade – Air Serbia

Bus Travel Options:

Sarajevo Main Bus station, from/to:

Vienna, AUT
Gratz, AUT
Antwerp, BEL
Helsingor, DEN
Clermont Ferrand, FRA
Paris, FRA
Rennes, FRA
Amsterdam, NL
Rotterdam, NL
Berlin, DE
Dortmund, DE
Frankfurt, DE
Hamburg, DE
Munich, DE
Ljubljana, SLO
Zagreb, CRO
Dubrovnik, CRO
Pula, CRO
Rijeka, CRO
Split, CRO
Vela Luka, CRO
Makarska, CRO
Bijelo Polje, MNE
Herceg Novi, MNE
Pljevlja, MNE
Ulcinj, MNE
Belgrade, RS
Novi Pazar, RS

Visit here for detailed schedule or to book: or

Train Travel Options:

All international train routes from/to Bosnia and Herzegovina have been suspended until further notice.

Domestic Travel Options

From Tuzla:

From Tuzla to Sarajevo you can travel by bus. The route is 131 km long and will take you aprox. 3 hours to get to Sarajevo. This bus route is serviced daily and departs from Tuzla Central Bus Station at the following hours:

4 AM, 5 AM, 5:30 AM, 6:45 AM, 7 AM, 7:30 AM, 8:10 AM, 9 AM, 9:35 AM, 10 AM, 11:35 AM, 10 AM, 11:45 AM, 12:30 PM, 1 PM, 2:30 PM, 3:15 PM, 4 PM, 4:45 PM, 5:23 PM, 6 PM, 9:45 PM.

Return ticket costs aprox. 15 EUR.


Alternatively, if you are flying in with Wizzair you can purchase airport transfer from TZL Airport to Sarajevo Central Bus Station and back to TZL Airport for 45 EUR. Travel time duration: 2 hours.

From Mostar:

From Mostar to Sarajevo you can travel by bus or train. The route is 129km long and will take you aprox. 2,5 hours to get to Sarajevo. The bus route is serviced daily and departs from Mostar – East and West Bus Terminal at the following hours:

6 AM, 6:30 AM, 7 AM, 7:20 AM (West Bus Terminal), 9 AM, 11 AM, 3 PM, 4 PM, 6:15 PM, 8 PM.

Return ticket costs aprox. 10 EUR.

The train route operates twice daily and departs from Mostar to Sarajevo at 6:27 AM and 8 PM. Return ticket costs aprox. 10 EUR.

From Banja Luka:

From Banja Luka to Sarajevo you can travel by bus. The route is 195km long and will take you aprox. 5 hours to get to Sarajevo. This route is daily serviced and departs from Banja Luka Central Station at the following hours:

00:30 AM, 5 AM, 7:45 AM, 4 PM, 5 PM

Return ticket costs aprox. 25 EUR.

Bus Stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina contact information

Sarajevo Central Bus Station
Address: Put života 8, Sarajevo 71000
Phone: +387 33 213 100

Tuzla Central Bus Station
Address: Bosne Srebrene 60, Tuzla
Telephone: +387 35 320 300

Mostar ‘East’ Bus Terminal
Address: Maršala Tita, Mostar 88000
Phone: +387 36 552 025

Mostar ‘West’ Bus Terminal
Address: Vukovarska bb, Mostar 88000
Phone: +387 36 348 680

Banja Luka Central Bus Station
Address: Braće Podgornika, Banja Luka 78000
Phone: +387 51 922 000

Zenica Central Bus Station
Address: Bulevar Kralja Tvrtka I, Zenica 72000
Phone: +387 32 241 253

Local Transport

Bus and tram:

Except for the airport bus (5KM), all single-ride tickets cost 1.60KM if repurchased from kiosks, or 1.80KM if bought from the driver with separate tickets required for bus, trolleybus and tram. They must be stamped once aboard. A two-/five-ride ticket costs 3/7.10KM. A day ticket (dnevna karta, 5.30KM) covers all trams and trolleybuses (not buses) but these are sold only from GRAS or its official kiosks which are few and far between. There’s one at the Dobrijna terminus. You can buy ahead of time, but must state the date of use required at the time of purchase.

Airport Bus Sarajevo International Airport Airport buses run roughly hourly (5 BAM, €2.50, 30 minutes) with last services at 9:10 PM, 10:23 PM and 11:40 PM. Taxi fares should be less than €10 to the Old Town.

Return starts from Bentbaša at 4:15am, 7.15am, 9.15am and roughly hourly thereafter.

It picks up very briefly at Vijećnica and Baščaršija (old town) and Katedral bus/tram stops a couple of minutes later and later at the Tehnička škola station (closest to Hotel Holiday if Airport-bound), but barely slows down so be on guard and wave as it passes. Exact timings may change according to flight schedules.

Tram 3 (every four to seven minutes) From Ilidža passes the National Museum (stop closest to Hotel Holiday if old town-bound) then loops one-way (anticlockwise) around Baščaršija (old town). Last tram back to Ilidža departs from Baščaršija around midnight.

Tram 1 (every 12 to 25 minutes) Starts at the train station then does the same loop as Tram 3. The last services from the train station are at 9.45pm, 10.18pm and 10.52pm but in around seven minutes you could walk to the nearest Tram 3 stop with later and more frequent services.

Trolleybus 103 (roughly every six minutes by day, less at night) Runs along the southern side of the city from Austrijski Trg near the Latin Bridge en route to Dobrijna (35 minutes). Handy for East Sarajevo bus station and not too bad for the airport. Last service 11.30pm, last return from Dobrijna 11pm.

Bus 31E (three per hour, 6.30am to 10pm) Vijećnica to Dobrijna (for Lukavica bus station).

Buses 52 & 55 Save the steep walk up to Vratnik with one of these little yellow minibuses from a terminus near Seblij (old town).

Bus 56 Heads from Austrijski Trg up into the high area past Kod Biban

*Service frequency for all routes reduces on Sunday. Timetables are available on select Organizacija then Redovi Vožnje.

For reliable on-the-metre fares (2KM plus about 1KM per kilometer) call Crevni Taxi (+387 33 760 600) or Paja Taxi (+387 33 412 555).