Sarajevo Model UN ’17 Mock / Training Session

On August 14, 2017 more than 20 participants had a chance to experience the Model United Nations, in the UN House, organized and implemented by the Sarajevo Model UN Organizing Board in partnership with the United Nations in BiH – thinking it would be a good idea to organize a mock (training) session, since some have little or none MUN experience and this mock session would be their first big step into the MUN society.

Mock sessions are organized in order of gaining a slice of the MUN experience by going through the Rules of Procedure and trying out the role of a delegate or a journalist.

Participants have simulated the UNHRC with “Ban of Capital Punishment” as a designated topic. Our future diplomats showed particular interest in it and as a result, the mock training was a place of fruitful and passionate discussions both in Moderated and Unmoderated Caucus.

Join us this September at Sarajevo Model UN ’17 Conference!

Sarajevo Model UN ’17 Mock (Training) Session @UN House

Dear (future) MUN fellows!
Have you applied for Sarajevo MUN but are slightly unsure about your performance? Or have you considered applying but you have little or no experience in MUN?
Sarajevo Model UN Organizing Board in partnership with the United Nations in BiH thought it would be a good idea to organize a mock (training) session, where you will learn all about MUN, go through the Rules of Procedure and try yourself out in the role of a delegate or a journalist.
If you are interested to participate as a delegate or a journalist please fill out this RSVP by 6th of August 2017. Limited spots available. 
Dress code: Formal

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INFO Presentation

Yesterday, on the 25th of May 2017, members of the Organizing Board of Sarajevo Model UN had a chance to present the work and concept of the MUN world, and to introduce the Sarajevo MUN’17 to high school students.

The presentation took place at Vijeće mladih Općine Stari Grad, and consisted of two main parts: firstly, the introduction about what the MUN and Sarajevo MUN stand for; the ideas, work and concept, the explanation of  each MUN function and role; the work of Councils, etc. Whilst the second part was the Q&A time.

High school students are a specific target group; they are very curious by nature and they always pose good questions. Our young guests showed some amazing energy and interest in all of our activities. They showed a particular interest in the UN Security Council and the role of specific countries with the veto power.

Now, they are certainly one step closer of becoming a future diplomat. But firstly, they need to be shaped by Sarajevo Model UN.

#ShapingFutureDiplomats #SarajevoModelUN17

25th Anniversary of BiH’s Membership in UN

On this day 25 years ago Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia became Member States of the United Nations. Ever since, these states have been elected for non-permanent members of the Security Council at various times. In this short, yet remarkable period, all three states have been profoundly promoting peace, international and trade relations and endorsing tolerance and human rights. Thank you Hrvatsko društvo za Ujedinjene narode / Croatian United Nations Association and United Nations Association of Slovenia for promoting the very same ideals in your local societies.

Also, we would like to use this opportunity to thank the United Nations in BiH and UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina for recognizing  the importance of our work and supporting the first edition of Sarajevo Model UN.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons and Sarajevo Model UN

Info Presentation

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Our Thursday is already booked, but what about yours?

If you are looking for a chance to show off your english vocabulary, your ability of work in the multilateral organisations, as well to gain new and improve your old skills?
Then, Sarajevo Model UN is the real deal for you!

Sarajevo MUN is an academic simulation in which participants have the possibility to learn more about the principles of diplomacy, international relations, as well as with the formal procedures in decision making in the multilateral organisations, like the UN Security Council, the Council of Europe, the IMF, etc.

The first Sarajevo Model UN was held last year, and was officially opened by Mr. Stjepan Mesić, former President of Republic of Croatia. This year’s Sarajevo MUN will be implemented in the cooperation with the European Law Student Association of Sarajevo (ELSA Sarajevo), in the period of the 21st till the 24th of September.

As a goal to get better every year, we are hosting the INFO Presentation of Sarajevo MUN for high school students in the Canton Sarajevo, to introduce the concept of the MUN world.

So, future fellow delegates, come to Vijeće mladih Općine Stari Grad and find out what does the MUN stand for.

Mi znamo gdje ćemo biti ovog ČETVRTKA, a vi?

Tražite super priliku da se iskažete u poznavanju engleskog jezika, rada u multilaterarnim organizacijama, te da steknete i poboljšate stečene vještine?
Sarajevo Model UN je onda prava stvar za vas.

Sarajevo Model United Nations je akademska simulacija u kojoj se učesnici aktivno upoznaju sa načelima diplomatije, međunarodnih odnosa, te formalnim procedurama u donošenju odluka unutar multilateralnih organizacija kao što su primjera radi Vijeće sigurnosti, Evropsko vijeće i Međunarodni monetarni fond pri Ujedinjenim nacijama.

Prvo izdanje Sarajevo Model UN konferencije se održalo prošle godine, koju je svečano otvorio gospodin Stjepan Mesić, bivši predsjednik Republike Hrvatske, kao i mnogi drugi. Ovogodišnje izdanje Sarajevo Model UN konferencije će se održati u saradnji sa Evropskim udruženjem studenata prava (ELSA) Sarajevo i to u periodu između 21.-24. septembra 2017. godine.

U nadi da postignemo bolje rezultate nego prošle godine, sa kojima smo, usput rečeno jako zadovoljni, želimo da organizujemo info čas za srednjoškolce u Kantonu Sarajevo, kako bismo im objasnili sve ono što trebaju znati za učestovanje u simulaciji, proceduralni dio a pritom i odgovorili na pitanja.

Dođite u Vijeće mladih Općine Stari Grad, i zakoračite u MUN svijet.


Sarajevo Model UN had a chance to go to a diplomatic mission to strengthen ties with our partner MOSTIMUN.

Four of our representatives took part of the MOSTIMUN and did theirs tasks with pride and excellence: Meliha Muherina (in the capacity of Deputy Secretary General), Mak Selimović (Chair of the Futuristic Security Council) and two little pioneers – Fatima Pobrklić (delegate of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the Council of Arab League) and Din Kajmakovic (delegate of The United Arab Emirates)

Debates? Oh, they were fruitful and juicy from day one! Fatima and Din were bravely defending colors of their countries, especially during the topic of Religious Minorities. However, after long excessive negotiations – Arab peace was born! The document, a multi-faceted communiqué made in Cairo, on the 4th of Shaban, 1438, was put forward by representatives who believe in the true religion.

“Aqua – drama” – yes, it is a new term. And what does it stand for? Short answer is: Water Security in the Middle East. In a stunning turn of events, the main guilt was on Egypt, because they did not want to share their scarce water resources of the Nile. What selfishness and greed! At the end, a huge milestone happened- Arab countries made a deal to attack Europe and loot European water resources. Believers and non-believers were working together on important issues and solved one of the biggest problems. What a story! It looks like Arab League is having a prosperous present.

Our charming Din Kajmakovic even got an Honorable Mention for his simon-pure devotion.

However, we cannot fail to mention the social life that our crew had. After a long day success of delegates was rewarded with new friendships, and something many more. (wink, wink).

That is why Sarajevo Model UN thanks our friends for inviting us, and hosting us, and for giving us an amazing five days. We look forward for a future cooperation, which is undoubted.

Sarajevo Model UN at NGO Mala Press Conference


Members of the Sarajevo MUN PR Department had the chance to be present on the Press Conference, which took place on the 10th of May, in the Muncipality of Stari Grad.

Significance of such an event is life-saving; NGO “Mala” is hosting a manifestation “Za zdravlje, za sutra, za banku koštane srži”, who’s main goal is to fundraise enough money and allow the BH Banking of Bone Narrow to become an official member of the BMDW.

Even YOU can donate money simply by tuning into TV channels such as TV Pink, TVSA, TV Hayat and by giving them a call – on the 16th of May 2017, from 18:00h (6:00PM).

Donate and save a life!