We are a group of young, yet ambitious and hard-working individuals, coming from different academic backgrounds – although, having the same mission and vision.  We recognize the potential of implementing  such project in Sarajevo and thanks to the commitment, devotion, optimism, as well as to working habits and in partnerships with a number of multilateral, governmental institutions and private enterprises – Sarajevo Model UN 2017 will be brought to you as a profoundly unique platform for holistic development of various skills and abilities.

Sarajevo Model UN 2017 Organizing Board


Amila Porča

Amila Porca-1

Amila is currently a junior at the University of Sarajevo Law School. Dedicating her time to others and helping people is what makes her feel fulfilled, and that is the reason she is a volunteer and scholar at the Hastor Foundation. Spending her time away from home since high school has taught her how important it is to surround yourself with right kind of people. Therefore, she sees MUN as the best opportunity to meet young people who motivate her and who are willing to make a difference in the world. She likes spending her free time reading and writing poetry, and recently one of her poems was published in young authors’ anthology of poems „Otisak“, published by the Metamorfoza Association.

 Mustafa Džihić

Mustafa Dzihic Logistics Officer-page-001

Mustafa Džihić is a senior at the Law School at the University of Sarajevo. This year he is part of the Organizing Board of Sarajevo Model United Nations 2017 in the capacity of Logistics Executive Officer. Mustafa has a successful track-record in organizing events such as this one, through his previous involvement in European Law Students’ Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina where he serves his first presiding mandate. Mustafa says, “I was impressed by last year’s Sarajevo Model UN convention as a participant, where I met new friends and contacts all around the world. This year I am part of ON and it is a great honor to be part of this very important project for our diplomatic and student society as well as for the city of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

 Fatima Pobrklić


Being chosen for position of PR person twice in a row, it is my utmost pleasure doing the same role in this year’s conference edition. As the time was passing by, my passion for MUNs has grown and I have been participating in other MUN conferences where I had an amazing opportunity to revitalize the friendships forged during Sarajevo Model UN ’16. On another note, I must admit that I am in love with Morocco- an unparalleled jewel, and its wide range of colorful streets. Spending spare time working for and at various NGO’s and the Faculty of Law.

 Zerina Ramović

Zerina Ramovic PR Officer-page-001

As a cheerful PR team bunny, Zerina Ramović, is currently enrolled in the Second year of the Law Faculty of University of Sarajevo. Like a true right-oriented brain personality type, she aspires to always have time for her soul candy; the nature, her paintbrushes, libraries and her violin.

Arijan Pranjić

Arijan Pranjic PR Officer-page-001

Arijan Pranjic is currently finishing his undergraduate studies in Political Science and International Relations. A huge UN enthusiast, he has been involved in MUNs since his first year of undergraduate studies. His extensive MUN experience has allowed him to create friendships with people from all around the world, a fact he is very grateful for. He has joined the PR team of Sarajevo MUN in hopes of bringing his globally known party enthusiasm to the conference.


Din Kajmaković

Din Kajmakovic Fin Dept Officer-page-001

Din is a student at the School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo​, with an extensive list of extracurricular activities done in the past. One of which is the European Youth Parliament Bosnia and Herzegovina in which he participated as a delegate, chair and organizer in various countries, including Poland, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Albania and throughout various cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. All of this makes him an all-rounder that most organizing boards would wish to have.

Ismar Sućeska

Ismar is a student of History at the School of Philosophy at the University of Sarajevo. Previously he has been a member of numerous NGOs and a volunteer at the Museums of Sarajevo and in addition to that, he is a member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina ice hockey national team.

Adila Odobašić

Adila Odobašić was born in February 1996 in Hadžići, where she finished her high school. Currently, she is a junior at the University of Sarajevo – Faculty of Law. Those of you who were at Sarajevo Model UN ’16 will recognize our devoted Delegate Manager – Adila.

Meliha Muherina

Meliha Muherina is an International Relations graduate, currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Security Studies. Her MUN Career has been long and interrupted for almost 2 years when she decided grown up life is waiting for her, but soon realized there is no better free time spent than writing grants, managing an organizing team and handling Secretariat. At Sarajevo Model UN 2017 you will see her in the role of Deputy Secretary General; ensuring high order, perfection and smooth delivery of the conference. In her grown up life she is working for Centre for European perspective as a project manager, on various EU research projects and delivering development aid to Western Balkans.

Mak Selimović

Mak Selimović graduated from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service  and upon graduating he moved back to his hometown – Sarajevo, BiH. He has extensive and versatile experience ranging from organizing and participating at MUN conferences to representing BiH at 13th UNODC Congress.