WHO Prersentation Sarajevo Model UNSarajevo Model UN will continue with the good practice of holding roundtables and lectures, complementary to the simulation of the councils in its 2017 edition. Common point of all round tables will be the general theme: “Future Together – Fostering International Cooperation to Secure a More Prosperous Tomorrow.” We believe roundtables and lectures will be of a great added value in bridging the gap between the youth and policy-makers, where both sides will be able to benefit from the debate and search for common conclusions to pressing world issues at hand. Such content-rich discussions have indeed proven to be a catalyst of interaction that enables a vertical exchange of information and knowledge between stakeholders, policy-makers, NGOs and members of the academia on one side, and prospective young individuals on the other. Hence, Sarajevo Model UN is working in order to create a platform for participants to experience first-hand what it means to be a diplomat, not only through the role-play in the councils, but also through face-to-face interactions with diplomats and other decision-makers.