IGNACIO CORROTO GALLARDO, SpainIgnacio Corroto Gallardo-page-001

Recently graduated in the double bachelor of Law and Business in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, España, Ignacio is a passionate munner that has participated in more than 10 conferences including PIMUN, LIMUN and WorldMUN and winning 3 Best Delegates in the process, among other awards.

Former President of UAMIMUN, the MUN society of his university and founder of the Autonomous University MUN, Ignacio is willing to bring all his experience to Sarajevo Model UN (his last conference before leaving the good student life and starting to work) to make this MUN a life-changing experience to the delegates.

KELLI-ANNE TIM, CanadaKelli-Anne Tim-page-001

Kelli-Anne Tim was born in Johannesburg, South Africa before she immigrated to Toronto, Canada when she was four years old. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at York University in Toronto. Currently, she’s studying her Masters in History, Political Science, and Sociology at the University of Siegen in Germany. An enthusiast of a great variety of things from rock music to classic literature to dungeons and dragons to politics and history, she has enjoyed her first year in Germany immensely. With a historical narrative around every corner, she is grateful to be able to explore it all.


BORI GYENGE, HungaryBori Gyenge-page-001

Bori Gyenge is from Hungary,. She is currently a senior at the American International School in Sarajevo. Her parents are diplomats, thus she has been exposed to international politics from an early age. Her interest in MUN was sparked three years ago during her freshman year. Since then she has been attending multiple conferences around Europe: in Bratislava, Istanbul, and Rome. These lively and thought-provoking experiences paved the way to the Chair position she now holds in UN Women. She plans to study combination of political science, economics, and law. MUN serves as an excellent stepping stone for anyone with such ambitions. She is ecstatic to form new friendships and she is looking forward to making this conference a valuable experience for every delegate in UN Women!

JOVANA MALINOVIĆ, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jovana Malinović, was born and raised in Gradiška, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She’s currently living in the capital of Serbia, where she’s studying judicial- administration law at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. In a very short amount of time, Jovana has managed to build a name for herself in the MUN/MEU world, joining many prestigious conferences as delegate, chair, and even Secretariat member. Her dream is to become an international criminal lawyer, and build her career worldwide. She’s a part of many distinguished student organizations such as UN Club of the Faculty of Law, ELSA, OSSI etc. She’s very happy to be able to bring her special set of skills to Sarajevo MUN, to visit Sarajevo once more and meet all of you!


ŽIGA GOLOBIČ, Sloveniaiga Golobič-page-001

Žiga Golobič is a student of International Relations and a history enthusiast that is quick to read but reluctant to write, always on the lookout for fresh perspectives and ideas with which to challenge the prevailing order of things. Having worn a wide variety of hats in the world of Model UN and Model EU, he is very grateful for the diversity of experience that has brought me, especially as I always welcome the chance to engage in an argument regardless of the topic of conversation – he tends to enjoy the journey much more than the destination. Outside of his simulated life, he enjoys photography, cooking and exploring the far reaches of new media.


Beatriz Ruiz de Cortázar is a student of the Laws Degree at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Born and raised in Galicia, Bea first discovered Model United Nations experience when she was at high school and, since then, she has continued participing in different spanish and international conferences. Passionate about human rights and terrorism and security-related topics, she has represented a wide variety of countries, being awarded twice as Best delegation and once with and Honorable Mention.



HAIYING WANG, BelgiumHaiying Wang-page-001

As a third-year student in communication sciences, this is more or less her 10th MUN. Though she’s quite new in the secretariat world. You’ll immediately see why once you know that she’s got way more party-animal awards than the diplomacy award. For her, MUN is more about living that intense madness to the fullest, about enjoying that passionate clash of diversities, about opening up yourself entirely to be inspired and blown away, about sharing the best you’ve got with each other and making memories of a lifetime.

NIKOLA XAVIEREFF, Bosnia and HerzegovinaNikola Xaviereff-page-001

Nikola is a third-year International Relations student, currently studying abroad at the Heidelberg University as an Erasmus+ scholarship recipient. He has not been home for a year, so he would like to share with you his thought that in order to be the best in what you do, you should love it. Besides his passion for world affairs, politics and intercultural disciplines, Nikola also has a keen interest to Arts, which has made him travel all across Europe, to explore museums and painters.

Let this conference benefit from you, and vice versa, make tomorrow a better day by finding solutions, friendships and ideas today. As Kennedy once said, “Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings.”


MILAN JOVANOVIĆ, SerbiaMilan Jovanovic-page-001

Judging by my Spotify profile analysis:
– 62% of my tracks are energetic
– My average beats per minute is 120
– My top genre is Pop (Carly Rae Jepsen, top artist)
– I really like writing
– I’ve been an editor in chief a few times
– I have no idea how to be an adult but I still try
– Indie Pop and Indietronica are my go-to genres



Shambhavi Chouhan-page-001ss

Shambhavi Chouhan is a second year social sciences major at the Amsterdam University College. She is passionate about MUN Conferences as well as writing which presents her with the brilliant opportunity with being the deputy editor in chief at Sarajevo Model UN. She is currently the international editor of Red Pers and works as the Assistant Editor for the Bombay Review.



Meet our Crisis Director Emir Hasanović. Emir hails from Macedonia, a country that just emerged from one of the most serious political crisis millennial Europe has seen, so he knows a thing or two about the subject matter. He is a Georgetown graduate with extensive international experience in strategic communication agencies in Qatar, Macedonia and the US. Currently he is a Special Adviser to the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Macedonia. At the conference he hopes to showcase that politics goes beyond the glamour, witty remarks and heartfelt speeches; rather, that it’s about making tough decisions under severe pressure that affect the world as we know it.